Dog Coat Pattern

September 29, 2011

Looking for a Dog Coat Pattern?

Maybe you want to save some money and make a coat for your dog, or maybe you just like to sew or crochet and want to be creative! For whatever reason, many people make a coat for their dogs instead of buying one.

Here's a great dog coat pattern set you can order and have delivered right to your door.

Simplicity Pattern 9520-Large Size Dog Coats-One Size

As you can see from the picture, there are several types of coats in this one pattern.  One thing to keep in mind when sewing a dog coat, dogs pattern sizes are not the same retail sizes, like when you buy a coat.  To figure out the right pattern size compare the dog's body measurements with the pattern Measurement Charts. Match as many measurements as possible to find the right pattern size. 

With such simple patterns, it should be easy to do a little adjustment where needed to make sure the coat fits YOUR dog perfectly!

Another Dog Coat Pattern

2303-Craft Dog Coats-All Sizes

2303-Craft Dog Coats-All Sizes


The dog coat patterns included here are suitable for dogs weighing from 80 to 110 pounds with a body length from 30" to 34" (measured from base of neck to base of tail), and from 30" to 36" around the chest.

These coats are made from fleece or prequilted fabrics. Once again it's a really simple pattern, and should be easily adjustable to make a perfect fit for your dog.

Crochet Dog Coat Pattern

Perhaps you like to crochet and would enjoy making a crocheted dog coat. This might be just the pattern book for you.

Dashing Doggie Duds

Dashing Doggie Duds


It has a dog coat pattern for a granny squares coat, red white and blue patriotic coat, camouflage coat and more. They're made with bulky yarns and big crochet hooks, so the work goes fast. It could be a fun way to make a coat for your dog!

With any of these you can have the patterns mailed to your home, and you'll have the patterns to work with instead of trying to make or print out your own, which is a big advantage over most free patterns.

You can personalize each dog coat pattern to be a perfect fit for your dog, and make it to suit the dog's personality. And if you like to sew or crochet, you can have fun doing it!

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